New Year Culture


Chinese New Year is also celebrated annually in many western cities with significant Chinese populations. Among the cities with such celebrations include San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Madrid, Paris and London.


Since 1849, with the discovery of gold in California, San Francisco’s Chinatown Chinese New Year is the oldest and largest event of its kind outside of Asia, and the largest Asian cultural event in North America. Both Sydney and London also lay claim to hosting the largest New Year celebration outside of Asia with 600,000 annual attendees in Sydney’s Chinatown and 500,000 in London’s Chinatown.


Over recent years, the Chinese New Year has grown to become a commonplace in American culture with the introduction of special edition consumer goods, both sold in the United States, Europe and Asia. Listed below are examples of Chinese New Year merchandise ranging from U.S. postage stamps, apparel and credit cards.

Golden State Warriors & Houston Rockets

“Chinese New Year” Jerseys 2015

Vans “Year of the Rooster”

Collection 2017

Adidas Originals

“Chinese New Year” Superstar 80s 2013

Beats By Dre

“Year of the Monkey” Solo2 Wireless 2016


“Year of the Horse” collection 2014


“Year of the Horse” collection 2014


“Year of the Snake” set 2013

American Express

“Year of the Dragon” gift card 2012

United States Postal Service

“Year of the Ram” stamps 2015


“Year of the Sheep” watch 2015