Moon Festival

Marking the end of the summer, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival follows a 3,000 year-old celebration of harvest, abundance and family unity. Held on the15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is considered one of the most important East Asian festivals of the year. The festival takes its name from the fact that it is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season when the moon is at its roundest and fullest.


Originating in China, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival has evolved into various customs around the world. In China, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated with family by making paper lanterns, eating mooncake and admiring the moon while thinking of family ancestors and good wishes. In Vietnam, the festival is also known as the Children’s Festival and emphasizes on the celebration of children. In Japan (Tsukimi) and Korea (Chu-sok), the festival is celebrated by watching the full moon, dancing and praying for a good harvest.


The 2017 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated on October 4, 2017.

August 13

Chinatown August Moon Festival

Harrison & Beach Street, Chinatown, Boston, MA

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August 20

Quincy August Moon Festival

Coddington St., Downtown Quincy

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September 7-10

Lantern Light Festival

Canterbury Park, Shakopee, MN

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September 8-10

Hanart Culture Chinese Lantern Festival

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Belmont, NC

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September 9

Chinatown-ID Night Market

Chinatown-International District, Seattle, WA

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September 27

San Diego Chinese Moon Festival

Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park. San Diego, CA

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September 30

Boston Chinatown Lanern Festival

Boston Chinatown. Boston, MA

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September 30 – October 1

San Francisco Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA

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October 7

Los Angeles Chinatown Moon Festival

Central Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

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October 7

Norfolk Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

TowneBank Fountain Park, Downton Norfolk Waterfront, VA

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