Jan Marler Morrill


The Red Kimono novel by Arkansas-based Jan Marler Morrill takes readers deep into the compelling lives of three young Americans as they recount their experiences during World War II. Morrill, whose mother was interned during the war, reflects upon past memories growing up in an era gripped with geopolitical tensions, societal fears and racism.


Lora Nakamura


The Bonsai Babes: A Love Story novel, written and illustrated by Los Angeles-based Lora Nakamura follows a cross-cultural friendship about fate and following your heart. The story centers around two 7-year-old girls, Luna a Mexican American girl from Downtown Los Angeles, and Nana, a Japanese American girl from the San Gabriel Valley. Although worlds and cultures apart, they find a space of intersection at a playground in Los Angeles, forming a friendship that changes the course of their lives.


Matthew Hashiguchi


Directed by Matthew Mashiguchi, Good Luck Soup is a feature-length documentary film revealing the post-WWII experience of being Japanese American in the American Midwest. Told through Matthrew Hashiguchi’s own Japanese American family in Cleveland Ohio, as he uncovers the experiences from the time they left the internment camps until present day.

“Our story will go beyond the experience of life inside the Japanese American Internment Camps to reveal what life was like after the camps closed. We want to update the Japanese American story by revealing what has happened since the camps closed nearly 70 years ago.”