Tea Egg


Denmark-based design studio Made by Makers for Norman-Copenhagen, Tea Egg is a tea infuser for the quick to brew warm cup of tea. Comprising of a perforated bulb made of silicone, the Tea Egg detaches into two pieces – an elongated handle and a circular capsule base. With the separation of the base from the handle, loose leaves can be placed within the hollow base, making a simple and unique way to stir and steep tea in a teacup. The Tea Egg is available in


Tea for One Table


Designed by UK-based product design studio DesignK, Tea for One Table is the perfect companion furniture piece for tea time. Inspired by flower bouquets, the Tea for One Table consists of a solid ash wood stool with colorful waxed cotton strings on the legs that supports a perfectly fitting ceramic plate, great for a cup of tea, cupcake or muffin. Link


Withmilk Tea Set


Designed by Barcelona-based design brand DOIY Design, Withmilk Tea Set is a complete tea set inside a retro milk bottle. Consisting of a stacking porcelain milk jug, four cups and a bowl, the Withmilk Tea Set offers an innovative travel companion for any afternoon tea party. Redefining the tea experience, the form factor combines an efficient stackable storage space with a modern decorative design. Link WITHMILK // DOIY from DOIY on Vimeo.


Vintage Teaworks


Inspired by the love of tea and wine, Ohio-based Vintage TeaWorks brings a variety of custom blended luxury teas based upon the unique flavors and aromas of wine. Made from all natural ingredients, Vintage TeaWorks’ Cellar Series Tea Collection offers six varieties of tea paired with six of the most popular wine varieties – White Tea Riesling, Green Tea Sauvignon, Oolong Chardonnay, Rooibos Noir, Black Tea Merlot, and Pu-erh Cabernet, created to mimic the flavors and food pairings of wine. Link


Tea for Two


Designed by San Francisco-based designer Mark Huang, Tea for Two is a traditional tea set is a with a romantic flair. Consisting of two mugs, a candle and a two spout teapot sitting on a wooden stand, allowing for teapot to pivot from one side to the other, creating a simple and unique way of pouring tea for two. Link


Spice Kit – Asian Street Food


Founded in 2010, Spice Kit brings Asian-inspired street food to the San Francisco bay area in a casual way. Serving Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches, Korean ssäm wrap, bowls and salads, Spice Kit uses organic ingredients and meats that have been naturally raised. Located in San Francisco and Palo Alto, the new concept restaurant follows Chipotle’s service format and offers customers the flexibility to customize their meals according to flavor and preference of diet. Customers have the choice between a sandwich, bowl or salad for meals. Each meals


Pepsi White


Pepsi’s latest continuation of seasonal soft drink flavors releasing in Japan is Pepsi White. Such as the Salty Watermelon, Pepsi Black, Pepsi Pink, Caribbean Gold, Pepsi Dry, Mont Blanc, Baobob, Azuki, Shiso and Ice Cucumber of the past, Pepsi White features a mandarin orange flavor – a seasonal favorite which is often associated with the Japanese New Year. This will be the second release of the Pepsi White name, originally launched in 2008 as a yogurt-flavored cola. Available December 11, 2012, the packaging is decorated in


2012 Hyper Japan


Celebrating its 4th year, the 2012 Hyper Japan is UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, Japanese cuisine and Japanese cool. Presented by Eat Japan, Hyper Japan takes place November 23-25, 2012 and features everything that is creative, cute and crazy about contemporary Japan including cosplay competitions, live music, Eat-Japan food and drink events: sushi workshop, sake experience, tea bar and cooking & drink demonstrations in addition to a robot show, Marble Collection fashion show and much more. Link Hyper Japan November 23-25, 2012 London, UK.


Pepsi Special


Pepsi Special, the latest continutation of soft drink flavors released in Japan, aims to fill a new health-conscious trend that is overtaking soft drinks. In collaboration with Japanese beverage manufacturer Suntory, Pepsi Special aims to reduce fat levels in the body by infusing the soft drink with dextrin, a fiber that is reportedly helpful in blocking fat. The beverage is sold for ¥150 ($1.87 USD). In addition to Pepsi Special, Coca-Cola has also announced plans to introduce a line of health-conscious soft drinks. Called a ‘beauty


Suntory + The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Suntory Whiskey

In commemoration of American Rock n’ Roll legend, Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary, Japanese beverage manufacturer Suntory has released a limited edition whiskey. Featuring the Rolling Stones’ signature tongue and lips design on the bottle, the whiskey is blended from Suntory’s cross-category Stones Bar series. Containing complex flavors and aroma taken from malts of Rolling Stones’ milestone years – 1962 (Yamazaki), 1971 (Yamakazi), 1972 (Yamakazi malt), in addition to 1990 (Hakushu malt and Chita grain), Suntory will release only 150 bottles at a price of ¥500,000 ($6,300 USD).