Tea for Two


Designed by San Francisco-based designer Mark Huang, Tea for Two is a traditional tea set is a with a romantic flair. Consisting of two mugs, a candle and a two spout teapot sitting on a wooden stand, allowing for teapot to pivot from one side to the other, creating a simple and unique way of pouring tea for two. Link


Adidas Originals “Chinese New Year”


German sports apparel manufacturer, Adidas is set to release a limited edition of the popular Superstar 80s sneaker for the upcoming 2013 Chinese Lunar New Year. Featuring a snakeskin pattern, the Adidas Originals Superstar 80s “Chinese New Year” sneaker highlights the year of the snake with a detailed jade lace jewel and special hang tag. Available in a red or grey snakeskin colorway in select retailers starting January 2013. Link


Mercedes-Benz Next A-Class


German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is set to release its new A-Class sub-compact model to the Japanese market in January. To build up the hype and anticipation for the release, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Japanese advertising and public relations company Hakuhodo and AOI Pro. to produce a series of anime shorts called “Next A-Class.” The series centers around a legendary noodle truck (based on the 1955 “Blue Wonder”) in a futuristic, city-shifting Tokyo where three youngsters race to catch it in an A45 AMG. Link Next


2012 Hyper Japan


Celebrating its 4th year, the 2012 Hyper Japan is UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, Japanese cuisine and Japanese cool. Presented by Eat Japan, Hyper Japan takes place November 23-25, 2012 and features everything that is creative, cute and crazy about contemporary Japan including cosplay competitions, live music, Eat-Japan food and drink events: sushi workshop, sake experience, tea bar and cooking & drink demonstrations in addition to a robot show, Marble Collection fashion show and much more. Link Hyper Japan November 23-25, 2012 London, UK.


Rolls Royce “One Thousand and One Nights”


Unveiling at this month’s Sharjah International Auto Show, British automaker Rolls Royce will be launching a limited edition series of Ghost sedans exclusive to the Middle Eastern market. Called the “One Thousand and One Nights” Bespoke Ghost Collection, the line of automobiles is based on the literary classic known to the West as Arabian Nights. Each Ghost sedan features a warm two-tone exterior (matte brown and caramel), hand-painted light gray pinstriping and Arabic inscriptions from Rolls Royce’s Bespoke department. The interior is swathed in light


2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival


Celebrating its 5th year, the 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) is the first event of its kind in Philadelphia – a film festival celebrating and elevating the Asian American experience. Running November 7-17th, 2012, the PAAFF has hosted more than 100 featured films from a mix of documentaries, narrative features and shorts. The festival continues to promote culturally relevant programming to a broad audience and providing sponsors with a meaningful platform to engage the community through working with organizations like Greater Philadelphia Film


2012 Vancouver Asian Film Festival


Celebrating its 16th year, the 2012 Vancouver Asian Film Festival is a celebration of diversity in film. “The aim of VAFF is to foster an understanding and appreciation of today’s independent North American Asian filmmakers, while providing a springboard to larger film festivals. The society endeavours to represent the often ignored North American Asians caught between two cultures. The Vancouver Asian Film Festival Society will provide a cultural bridge between the Asian and non-Asian communities as well as the Asian communities themselves.” Running November 1st


Ecstatic Spaces


Trinidadian-based architect Tara Keens-Douglas has recently presented a series of carnival costumes made from folded paper and twisted rope. Created as part of Keens-Douglas’ master thesis from the University of Warterloo, the Ecstatic Spaces collection teases the boundaries of fashion architecture. “A medium for humor, the costumes stand in for the bodies we do not have; ambivalently, they both degrade and regenerate. Costumed, Carnival embraces laughter and the grotesque, and gives the community identity. The chaos of parade, music, and dance fuses the body with


Li Ning WADE


China’s leading sportswear company, Li Ning and NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade, have announced a multi-year partnership for a new athletic footwear and apparel brand called WADE. Fueled by a shared vision between Li Ning and Wade and a mutual aspiration to advance the growth of basketball across cultures, the signature line of adult apparel and footwear will be available soon at Li Ning retailers and online throughout China in addition to a United States debut in 2013. “I am so proud to welcome Dwayne Wade


2012 Korean Day Cultural Festival


Celebrating its 20th year, the 2012 Korean Day Cultural Festival is a celebration of Korean culture with live music, performances and vendors from all ethnic groups. Organized by the non profit Korean American Community Center of San Francisco & Bay Area, the KACCSF’s mission is to build an alternative community where Korean Americans can bridge the cultural gap between other ethnic communities in San Francisco and the Bay area through education and interaction.  Running October 20, 2012, the annual festival is expected to draw over 15,000