Hello Kitty at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Joining alongside the likes of many iconic American characters, Hello Kitty will make its entrance during this years Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Marking its 86th year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the largest celebration of its kind, drawing over 3.5 million spectators watching live and another 50 million tuning in across the country. This year’s parade will feature 16 giant character balloons, 40 novelty/ornament balloons, balloonicles, balloonheads and trycaloons, 28 floats, 1,600 cheerleaders and dancers, 900 clowns, 11 marching bands and a host of celebrity


Hello Kitty Forever


Returning for a second year, American clothing brand, Forever 21 has collaborated with Sanrio for an exclusive Hello Kitty collection. Debuting November 15, 2012, this year’s Hello Kitty Forever fashion collection marks the clothing store’s first attempt at offering home products such as bath rugs, waste baskets and decorative pillows. Ranging in price from $4.80 to $29.80, the 110-piece collection will also include lingerie, swim, shoes, handbags, jewelry, t-shirts and travel accessories printed with popular Sanrio characters. The Forever 21 for Hello Kitty collection will


Pepsi Special


Pepsi Special, the latest continutation of soft drink flavors released in Japan, aims to fill a new health-conscious trend that is overtaking soft drinks. In collaboration with Japanese beverage manufacturer Suntory, Pepsi Special aims to reduce fat levels in the body by infusing the soft drink with dextrin, a fiber that is reportedly helpful in blocking fat. The beverage is sold for ¥150 ($1.87 USD). In addition to Pepsi Special, Coca-Cola has also announced plans to introduce a line of health-conscious soft drinks. Called a ‘beauty


Ai Weiwei at the Hirshhorn Museum


Ai Weiwei, renowned Chinese conceptual artist’s installation “According to What?” is currently on exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. Running October 7, 2012 through February 24, 2013, Weiwei’s first North American appearance of “According to What?” features a significantly revised version of the 2009 Tokyo exhibition at the Mori Art Museum. “Ai brings our minds and our very being back to a fundamental way of thinking,” said the exhibition’s curator, Mami Kataoka, chief curator at the Mori Art Museum. “One common thread through


Back to 1942


Directed by Feng Xiaogang, Back to 1942 explores the story of the 1942 drought in central China’s Henan province during the war against Japan. Considered the deadliest drought and famine in modern Chinese history, at least three million men, women and children deaths were resulted. “Although the primary cause of the famine was a severe drought, it was exacerbated by locusts, windstorms, earthquakes, epidemic disease and the corruption of the ruling Kuomintang government.” Starring Tim Robbins, Adrien Brody and Daoming Chen, Back to 1942 is


Suntory + The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Suntory Whiskey

In commemoration of American Rock n’ Roll legend, Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary, Japanese beverage manufacturer Suntory has released a limited edition whiskey. Featuring the Rolling Stones’ signature tongue and lips design on the bottle, the whiskey is blended from Suntory’s cross-category Stones Bar series. Containing complex flavors and aroma taken from malts of Rolling Stones’ milestone years – 1962 (Yamazaki), 1971 (Yamakazi), 1972 (Yamakazi malt), in addition to 1990 (Hakushu malt and Chita grain), Suntory will release only 150 bottles at a price of ¥500,000 ($6,300 USD).


Stussy + Honda


California-based streetwear brand, Stussy has teamed up with Honda for a special edition CRF250L motorcross bike. Customized by Japanese motorcycle tuning garage Thruxton, the motorbike features a custom black painted exterior, blue wheel rims with Stussy artwork on the body, knuckle guard and muffler. While the bike is not available for sale, it is currently touring Stussy Japan shops where a t-shirts are available for purchase to commemorate the collaboration project. Link


Dangerous Liaisons


Director Jin-ho Hur unveils a sixth adaptation of the 1782 French epistolary novel by Choderlos de Laclos, Les Liaisons dangereuses called Dangerous Liaisons. Set in 1930s Shanghai – the glamorous, tumultuous “Paris of the East” – “Aging socialite Mo Jieyu(Cecilia Cheung) met her ex-boyfriend Xie Yifan(Jang Dong-kun) after years of separation. Mo became a rich and charming widower who didn’t believe in any man yet indulged herself in seeking sensuous pleasures from man while Xie became a famous womanizer who, in the bottom of his heart,


Pepsi Energy Cola


Returning for a second year, Pepsi’s Energy Cola aims to fill an energy drink niche with the likes of Red Bull in the Japanese market. Featuring a carbonated cola base, Pepsi Energy Cola includes other energy-enhancers besides extra caffeine such as Korean carrot, Royal Jelly (from honey bees), Panax Ginseng (caffeine stimulant), Guarana (caffeine stimulant) and Arginine (amino acid). Featuring a unique 250ml collectors can, this year’s design features a collaboration with Star Wars’ central character Darth Vader. The beverage is sold for ¥200 ($2.50


Dragon (Wu Xiá)


Directed by Peter Chan, Dragon (Wu Xiá) follows a martial arts thriller set in 1917 in a post-Qing Dynasty era village on the border of Yunnan, China. “Liu Jin-xi (Donnie Yen) is a village craftsman whose quiet life is irrevocably shattered by the arrival of two notorious gangsters in the local general store. When Liu single-handedly saves the shopkeeper’s life, he comes under investigation by detective Xu Bai-jiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro). Convinced that Liu’s martial arts mastery belies a hidden history of training by one of