Coca-Cola + Nendo

29 Oct Coca-Cola + Nendo

American soft drink manufacturer, Coca-Cola in collaboration with Japanese-based design firm, Nendo brings a unique new eco-friendly tableware collection called Bottleware. Made exclusively of recycled Coca-Cola’s signature green-tinted glass bottles, each piece is handmade in a small workshop in Aomori in northern Japan, known for its glass craftsmanship utilizing local traditions.

“We were captivated by the particular greenish-blue tint, fine air bubbles and distortions that are a hallmark of recycled glass, so we decided to create simple shapes that would enhance these traits. But we also wanted users to feel a remnant of the distinctive bottle in the new products. Our solution was to create bowls and dishes that retain its distinctive lower shape, as though the top had been sliced off” says Nendo co-founder, Oki Sato.

Sales of the Coca-Cola Bottleware is limited to 500 units of each style which consist of various sized bowls and dishes. Prices range from ¥5,250 ($60 USD) to ¥14,700 ($200 USD) and go on sale in select stores starting October 31, 2012. Link

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