Li Ning WADE

14 Oct Li Ning WADE

China’s leading sportswear company, Li Ning and NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade, have announced a multi-year partnership for a new athletic footwear and apparel brand called WADE. Fueled by a shared vision between Li Ning and Wade and a mutual aspiration to advance the growth of basketball across cultures, the signature line of adult apparel and footwear will be available soon at Li Ning retailers and online throughout China in addition to a United States debut in 2013.

“I am so proud to welcome Dwayne Wade to the Li Ning family,” said Li Ning, Founder of Li Ning Company. “Dwayne is a superstar for his athletic achievements, and also for the way he carries himself on and off the NBA court. I have come to understand what motivates him, what he cares about, and the personal and professional path he wants to take in the coming years. There are remarkable similarities between Dwayne and myself in this regard, and I could not be more excited about developing a brand with him that speaks to those shared views. At the same time, the WADE brand will deliver the high quality and performance characteristics consumers have come to expect of our Company.”

Wade will serve as Chief Brand Officer and oversee creative direction of all WADE products in addition to working with the Li Ning WADE team to spearhead global marketing strategies and initiatives aimed to build brand awareness in the United States and China. Link, Link