28 Oct Guactruck

Serving Mexican-Filipino fusion food, Guactruck is the next evolution of L.A.-inspired food trucks. Based in Manila, the business duo Michealle Lee and Natassha has set out to establish a new type of experience created by the social food truck craze. By combining their interests in entrepreneurship, food and design, Guactruck features a fresh and simple menu, modern design and creative packaging with a class-leading sustainable vision.

“This whole new type of experience created by social food trucks is what mainly got me paying attention to food trucks as a business model. One thing though, I thought that was missing from food trucks in the States is attention to design and aesthetics, as most of them focus more on the culinary aspect. Eating is a sensory activity; therefore design and aesthetics play a role in creating a complete food experience, which ultimately enhances the customer’s sense of well-being” says Michealle Lee.

Striving to serve as an example for responsible business ownership and holding accountability for everything the business may create – whether it be food, waste or packaging, all food containers are made from a single piece of┬ábiodegradable paperboard folded in an origami style design that’s easy to recycle. Customers are encouraged to bring their used packaging back and when 10 are returned, they will receive a free meal. All of the cutlery is made from cornstarch and biodegrades within 90 days of use.

“We try to make our operations as sustainable as possible; as such, we limit total energy consumption of the truck using LEDs and energy efficient lighting, upcycled an old delivery truck into a highly designed mobile eatery, utilize a small footprint by maximizing the available space with the 12′ x 6.5′ delivery truck, and developed a system that encourages customers to return our packaging for recycling.” Link, Link

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

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