Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen

16 Oct Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen

The Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen by Swedish-based industrial designer from Japan, Moé Takemura offers a cookbook on how to prepare Japanese food using locally available ingredients in Sweden. Created as a project at Lund University, Takemura aimed to introduce Japanese food culture in a suitable way in today’s Swedish environment, using as much locally available ingredients as possible and address the modern paradox of people’s enjoyment of a multicultural diet supported by a lot of imported ingredients.

Written in 3 languages, English, Swedish and Japanese, the book provides 30 recipes for 7 meals which includes a number of modifications, making the food possible/easier to prepare at home in a foreign environment with regards to meal composition, ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, tableware, and more. The book is printed and bound using a self-publishing service by Blurb for $48.51 USD. Link

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