Uniqlo Opens in San Francisco

05 Oct Uniqlo Opens in San Francisco

Uniqlo, Japan’s leading clothing retail chain opens its first West Coast flagship store in San Francisco today, Located off San Francisco’s Powell Street in Union Square shopping area, the retail space spans 29,000 square feet. Featuring the Uniqlo “Magic Mirror,” a virtual dressing room in the form of a 60-inch Dai Nippon Printing’s Kinect color-changing monitor, allowing shoppers to browse through different color palettes at the touch of a button without having to remove the original item.

Although the three-story store is the smallest in the country, it’s anything but small with 500 employees, 77 LCD screens, 22 dressing rooms, 19 registers, 91 rotating mannequins and a rainbow LED-lit staircase.

“We are very excited to be opening our first Uniqlo store on the U.S. West Coast in San Francisco, a world leading center in innovative technology. Our plan to open a store on the West Coast is part of our longer-term commitment to expand our presence throughout the United States. We look forward to working closely with the people of San Francisco to help us create the best possible store, and to bringing our high quality, innovative and affordable clothing to the diverse San Francisco community and the wider Bay Area” says Fast Retailing Chairman, President & CEO Tadashi Yanai. Link

Uniqlo San Francisco
111 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA

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