Starbucks Espresso Journey

29 Sep Starbucks Espresso Journey

Seattle-based international coffee and coffeehouse chain has collaborated with Japanese-based Nendo design firm co-founder Oki Sato to create its first ever pop-up store in the world. Located in Tokyo’s upscale Omotesando district, the Starbucks Espresso Journey shop aims to stand out and get back to its basics.

“We are trying to get back to basics,” says Norio Adachi, head of corporate affairs. “More so than attracting new customers, we’re aiming to strengthen communication with our core customers.”

Only a simple 9-item espresso-based coffee menu is available to choose from with drinks including a white mocha, soy latte, caramel macchiato and two limited edition flavors including the Double Short Classic Latte and the Double Short Classic Cappuccino. The process of ordering, however is completely unique and not so simple. Patrons are encouraged to take their time and peruse through the store’s book-lined walls, where each book bears the name of a coffee variety. When a favorite coffee is selected, present the book to a barista, which serves as a drink order and is given as a take home collectors item. Such as the typical Starbucks in Japan, the Starbucks Espresso Journey store is stocked with limited edition goods such as paper cups designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara in addition to tote bags, tumblers and mugs. The store will be open between September 9 through 30, 2012. Link, Link

Starbucks Espresso Journey
September 9-30, 2012
Shibuya, Tokyo

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