Tiffin Lunch Kit

25 Jul Tiffin Lunch Kit

Designed by Canadian-based designer Lorena Sinclaire, Tiffin Lunch Kit is a modern lunch box taking inspiration from Japanese bento boxes and Indian tiffins. Consisting of two stacking thin-walled ceramic bowls and a cork that locks the set together under a natural cloth elastic strap and metal handle, the Tiffin Lunch Kit redefines the dining experience on the go.

“The form factor allows the bowls to fit together perfectly and intuitively. The components bind together securely with the use of a natural cloth elastic strap, held in place between the bottom bowls’ feet. Unpacking your lunch is like unpacking a table setting: the compact kit unfolds into a meal. The bowls allow you to separate your food for combinations like curries and rice, cheese and crackers, granola and fruit. The set can be used in the home or carried away to work and school; or wrapped up for a picnic.” Available for $65 per set with custom glaze/ colors available. Link

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