Design Nori – Laser-cut Seaweed

30 Jun Design Nori – Laser-cut Seaweed

Developed by international advertising agency I&S BBDO, ‘Design Nori’ for the Umino Seaweed Shop is a series of intricately laser-cut seaweed for rolling sushi. Available in five patterns – sakura (cherry blossoms), mizutama (water drops), asanoha (hemp), kikkou (turtle shell) and kumikkou (tortoise shell), each design is based on an element of Japanese history or symbology.

“By combining a traditional product with a modern laser cutter, these patterns create an entirely new type of nori never seen before. The designs are entirely new for the industry, and convey both our wish for the future as well as our respect for the past,” says I&S BBDO. Each package of nori retails for ¥840 ($10 USD) at Umino Seaweed Shop in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture. Link, Link

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