Paper Planet

29 Jun Paper Planet

Designed by Berlin-based Katja Hettler and Jula Tüllmann, Paper Planet is a collection of recycled paper furniture inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Consisting of two lamps: floor lamp and pendant lamp in addition to two chair designs: Rope chair and Knitted chair, the duo explores the structural potential of paper and its many different textures.

‘The structural aspect of paper is the core of this exploration: once cut and folded, twirled and stacked, woven and knitted the paper attains structure. Thin paper layers thus turn into strong, resistant yet delicate ropes and long flat paper sheets become volume,” says Katja Hettler and Jula Tüllmann.

The duo built the designs around the material, researching and choosing types of paper before sketching ideas. Each piece is made by hand from low environmental-impact materials. “We look for elements that are recycled and/or easily recyclable. We believe that designers can also make a positive affirmation for sustainability. With this years ‘Paper planet’ we worked with recycled paper rope and thin paper sheets.” Link, Link

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