Angry Little Asian Girl TV Show

07 Jun Angry Little Asian Girl TV Show

Angry Little Asian Girl, a fictional comic strip by Korean-American actress and cartoonist, Lela Lee has recently announced it will be made into a 12-part animated television series. The series follows a cute Asian American girl who tackles racism and gender issues with an expressive attitude.

“The character is sort of based on me, and I had a bit of a short temper, where U was just really mad at the world that we all sort of inherited,” says Lela. “And sort of mad at the illusions that my parents and teachers and my schools had sort of fed to me.”

Following a decade plus long battle in hopes of getting the series syndicated in television and newspapers, Angry Little Asian Girl will soon be carried on the new Asian-American television network MNET. Launching in late fall of 2012, the first season will feature 12 fifteen minute episodes. Link , Link

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