Pepsi Black

20 May Pepsi Black

Pepsi’s latest continuation of seasonal soft drink flavors releasing in Japan is Pepsi Black. Such as the Pepsi Pink (November 2011), Caribbean Gold (July 2011), Pepsi Dry (May 2011), Mont Blanc (October 2010), Baobob (May 2010), Azuki (October 2009), Shiso (June 2009) and White (May 2009), Pepsi Black is sure to interest the 2012 summer season. Containing 50% less sugar than regular Pepsi, the new variant is enhanced with lemon flavor and is said to cater to adult tastes. Available June 19, 2012, the beverage will be sold for 140 yen ($1.76).

“Reduced sugar is a new genre we have created in the cola market,” said a spokesperson for Suntory, Japan’s only distributor of PepsiCo’s beverage range. “We have received positive feedback from the market since the launch of Dry last year.” Link

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