Coca-Cola Hugs Vending Machine

20 Apr Coca-Cola Hugs Vending Machine

Launched in Singapore, Coca-Cola in partnership with international advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather for the Coca-Cola Hug Machine. Part of Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” global marketing campaign, the Coca-Cola Hug Machine is currently available at the National University of Singapore (NUS). It is a vending machine that is programmed to dispense free Coke in return for hugs. Instead of the usual Coca-Cola logo, the vending machine shows the words ‘Hug Me’ with a simple dispensing slot.

“Happiness is contagious. The Coca-Cola Hug Machine is a simple idea to spread some happiness” says Coca-Cola spokesman Leonardo O’Grady. With the success of the Coca-Cola Hug Machine in Singapore, there are plans to rolling it out across Asia to bring the same happiness to consumers from other countries. Link

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