2012 International Lao New Year Festival

13 Apr 2012 International Lao New Year Festival

Celebrating its 4th year, the 2012 International Lao New Year Festival (ILNYF) is one of the largest Southeast Asian American cultural festivals in the country. Presented by the Center for Lao Studies, Laotian American National Alliance, and the Lao Heritage Foundation, the ILNYF was intended to celebrate, collaborate, educate, and advocate 30 years of Lao history in the United States.

Pii May or Lao New Year is considered the most important and largest traditional festival in the country. The festival coincides with the end of the dry season and the beginning of the monsoon season – seen as a day of rebirth and purification.

“As a result of the Indochina Conflict (Vietnam War), Lao refugees have called the US home for the last three decades. The first wave of Lao refugees came to the US in the late 1970s. Close to one million people of Lao descent now live in the Us, and about 35,000 of them reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Link

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International Lao New Year Festival
April 28, 2012. 10:00am – 5:00pm
San Francisco, CA. United Nations Plaza

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