Intel Visual Life – 80 Impression

11 Aug Intel Visual Life – 80 Impression

Silicon Valley-based semiconductor chip manufacturer, Intel has teamed up with advertising agency, Amsterdam Worldwide for a series of blogger films called Intel Visual Life. The series showcases top bloggers focusing on the effects that technology and how it has transformed their work, both personally and professionally. “The people you know, the places you visit, the things that inspire you… together, these represent your unique Visual Life, and we want to celebrate it! People from around the world have uploaded photos and videos giving us a peek inside their visual lives” – Intel.

The latest of Intel’s Visual Life series documents the work of Shanghai-based wedding photography studio, 80 Impression. The short film illustrates a personal and unique look into modern wedding photography and the role that technology plays in the everyday Visual Life of two Chinese photographers – Kitty and Lala. Link

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