Kissing Outside the Lines

13 Jul Kissing Outside the Lines

Kissing Outside the Lines: A True Story of Love and Race and Happily Ever After by Diane Farr is a candid exploration of interracial marriages in America. Told through the viewpoint of her own experience of dating, marrying, and creating a family with someone from a race and culture different from her own, Diane Farr quickly learns the tough lessons: “when it comes to navigating the landscape of interracial love in America today… you’re going to step on some landmines.”

“Kissing Outside the Lines tackles love, family and prejudice head-on. With sharp wit and deft humor, Farr confronts the fears and reservations that come with loving outside of one’s race, and she emerges with a powerful message: Love is love and family is family – no matter what it looks like from the outside.” Link

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