Hyundai + Prada

10 Jun Hyundai + Prada

South Korean automobile manufacturer, Hyundai has collaborated with Italian fashion label Prada for a limited run of Hyundai’s Genesis Sedan. With interest to provide South Koreans an even higher level of sophistication for those who really want to stand out, the 2012 Genesis Prada sedan is limited to 1,200 units built and will be sold in South Korea over the next few months. An additional few hundred will be shipped to luxury buyers in China and the Middle East. Priced at 79 million won ($73,000 USD) the Genesis sedan is equipped with a 460-horsepower Tau 5.0-liter V8 GDi engine. The edition comes in three special colors (Black Nero, Blue Baltico and Brown Moro) with unique 19″ alloy wheels and Genesis Prada badging. Dark chrome accents on the grille, emblem and door handles echo the palladium-coated buckles on a Prada purse. Interior dashboard and upholstery is artisan-crafted in the form of “saffiano” leather – Prada’s signature top quality leather. Link, Link

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