The Kimchi Chronicles

10 May The Kimchi Chronicles

The Kimchi Chronicles, a 13-part series by PBS documents Marja Vongerichten, a 34-year old half Korean and wife of international super-chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten as she travels through her native homeland of Korea. Marja while accompanied by her husband, explores Korean cuisine with visits to restaurants, markets and home kitchens. The series will premiere in New York in early May and will debut nationwide July 2011 on public television (PBS).

A companion to The Kimchi Chronicles television series is a 100-recipe Korean cookbook featuring recipes for each dish on the show. Che Jean-Georges Vongerichten also offers original dishes with a lighter, modern flair, showing how the flavors of Korean cuisine can easily be mixed into any meal. The cookbook will be available for purchase on August 2, 2011.

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