Everything Hapa Reaches Year 2

09 Apr Everything Hapa Reaches Year 2

As the world becomes ever more connected through the use of the internet and faster means of transportation, cultural and racial barriers begin to fade, communication and cultures mix. Multicultural/multiethnic identity is becoming the fastest-growing segments in the world and Everything Hapa began as an idea to forge a new perspective of multiculturalism and explore all of its presence in American and Asian American societies.

Everythinghapa.com is proud to announce its second year anniversary of the blog website. We would like to thank you for helping to make this project possible and all of your generous support. As part of celebrating our anniversary, we would like to announce a few additions launching to the site in addition to projects coming in the near future:

– Follow us now on the new Everything Hapa Twitter page. Visit Now >

– Stay up to date with the latest Events ranging from cultural festivals, film festivals and exhibits in your area with the new Everything Hapa Events page. Visit Now >

– Visit our online Merchandise Store. Visit Now >

– Look for our soon to be launching Everything Hapa Facebook Fan page.

Please feel free to contact us at info@everythinghapa.com for any questions or comments.

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