Pringles Releases Japan Exclusive Sukiyaki Flavor

17 Jan Pringles Releases Japan Exclusive Sukiyaki Flavor

Pringles, United States brand of stackable snack chips is set to launch a new flavor for the Japanese market. Exclusive to Japan’s Kanto region, the limited edition sukiyaki flavor pays homage to one of Japan’s most celebrated delicacies.

The traditional Japanese hot-pot-style dish is typically enjoyed during the winter season and consists of slowly simmered vegetables, thinly sliced beef and simmered in a soy sauce-based broth. The three-piece boxed Pringles pack pays homage to Kanto region with famous landmarks including the Tokyo Tower and Kanagawa’s Lake Ashinoko highlighted on the package. Available starting January 30, 2018, the new flavor is available in select souvenir stores in the Kanto region for ¥600 ($5.42 USD). Link, Link

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