Dong-A Pharmaceutical + Baskin-Robbins

07 Nov Dong-A Pharmaceutical + Baskin-Robbins

South Korean-based Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has teamed up with American ice cream chain, Baskin-Robbins to turn its signature energy drink Bacchus into a sorbet. First launched in 1963, Bacchus is a non-carbonated energy drink. Previously sold only in pharmacies, the drink has become available in convenience stores as well starting in 2011. The Bacchus brand now consists of a sugar-rich, caffeine-heavy Bacchus-D, and cartinine-containing Bacchus-F varieties.

Baskin-Robbins’ Bacchus Sorbet features a consistency more like frozen Bacchus instead of Baskin-Robbins typical ice cream-based products. Launching on November 1, 2017, the sorbet will contain 500 milligrams of taurine – a restorative – per 100 grams of ice cream. Link, Link

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