2017 London East Asia Film Festival

13 Oct 2017 London East Asia Film Festival

Celebrating its 2nd year, the 2017 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) is the largest film festival of its kind in London, introducing the diversity of East Asian culture through film. Running October 19-29, 2017, the festival offers a unique showcase of the rich diversity of East Asian cinema through the screening of 44 films from South Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

“The London East Asia Film Festival aims to introduce Asian films that direct the audience to really understand the culture,” said LEAFF director, Hyejung Jeon. “It will focus on the filmmakers’ perspective through conversations instead of showing Asian cinema merely as a variation from European and American films. Also, the festival can achieve greater communication with the audience than festivals dedicated to a single country. I hope the people of London discover the distinction and individuality between different countries within East Asia.”

This year’s London East Asia Film Festival features such big name and emerging films as Hwang Dong-hyuk’s The Fortress, Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage Coda, in addition to Love off the Cuff, Have a Nice Day, Battleship Island, Bhoy Intsik, Shock Wave and many more. Learn more >

London East Asian Film Festival
October 19-29, 2017

Odeon Leicester Square
24-26 Leicester Square
London, WC2H 7JY, UK

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