Panatea Instant Matcha

01 Sep Panatea Instant Matcha

Panatea, a health and lifestyle-driven matcha brand based in New York City by husband and wife duo Jessica Lloyd and Dave Mandelbaum brings high quality matcha mainstream with Instant Matcha packets. Consisting of a blend of ceremonial grade matcha and soluble fiber, Instant Matcha single serve packets instantly dissolves into hot or cold water. Unlike other matcha single serve packets available on the market, Pantea’s blend dissolves without the need of whisks or tools, making them ideal drinking on the go and staying healthy.

We started bringing matcha into people’s daily health routines with our starter set,” Dave Mandelbaum said. “To iterate and innovate though, we needed to listen to our community, watch consumption patterns, and incorporate feedback.”

“What we found was that people wanted to feel the benefits and energy of Panatea’s matcha all the time, not just at home,” Jessica Lloyd said. “In order to do that, we had to offer a matcha product that was a bit more convenient. Young professionals are bouncing between meetings, parents are driving kids to school, trainers are running between clients, families are going on vacations.”

The Panatea Instant Matcha packets come available in a 10-packet canister ($19.99 USD), a 30-packet canister ($39.99 USD), and by a monthly subscription through Panatea’s online retail site. Link, Link

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