James Wong Howe on Google

28 Aug James Wong Howe on Google

In honor of James Wong Howe’s 118th birthday, Chinese-American cinematographer was featured as Google’s doodle. Born Wong Tung Jim in Taishan, China, Howe dedicated his life to cinematography who worked on over 130 films (1899 – 1976), earned 10 Academy Award nominations and retired with two Oscar awards. Overcoming racial discrimination, Howe rose to fame for his innovative filming techniques including.

“Throughout his career, he used lighting, framing, and minimal camera movement to express emotion. He accidentally discovered how to use dark backdrops to create color nuances in black-and-white film. He pioneered using wide-angle lenses, low key lighting, and color lighting. Howe also made early use of the crab dolly, a camera dolly with four wheels and a movable arm supporting the camera.” Link



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