Kit Kat Introduces Cough Drop Flavor to Japan

23 Aug Kit Kat Introduces Cough Drop Flavor to Japan

Switzerland-based food and beverage company, Nestlé recently introduced its latest Kit Kat creation for the Japanese market. Consisting of Kit Kat’s iconic chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection, the latest flavor called Nodo Ame Aji highlights its most unique flavor to date.

Consisting of 2.1% throat lozenge powder in every serving, the cough-drop flavored Kit Kat is mixed in with white chocolate. According to Nestlé, the resulting taste is “fresh and invigorating.”

Accompanying the release, the package features an image of Yasutaro  Matsuki, a former national football player and manager who’s known for his enthusiastic football commentating. His commentating highlights as the perfect inspiration for helping to soothe throats of Japan football team supporters who are cheering their team on.

The Nodo Ame Aji flavor is available for a limited time from August 21 until September 10, 2017 at a price of ¥140 ($1.28 USD) each at convenience stores across Japan. Link

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