Koreatown: A Cookbook

18 Mar Koreatown: A Cookbook

Koreatown: A Cookbook by New York chef Deuki Hong and food writer Matt Rodbard, presents a cookbook exploring the thrilling world of Korean food in America. Reflecting upon two years of eating through many of Americas Koreatowns, the cookbook features over 100 recipes for both home cooking and restaurant-style cuisine.

”Our cookbook is written in the perspective of someone who’s lived here,” says Hong. ”We just wanted to tell the story — not only of Koreatown, New York, but everywhere. We travel to Minnesota, Houston, all these places that you don’t think Koreatowns or even Koreans even exist, and we learned a lot from that.”

The book includes recipes ranging from japchae clear sweet potato noodles to mandu dumplings, miyeokguk seaweed soup and spicy gamjatang pork neck and potato stew. Koreatown: A Cookbook also includes essays and guest recipes from US chefs including Sean Brock, David Chang, Eric Ripert, Danny Bowien, Paul Qui, Edward Lee and many more. The Koreatown: A Cookbook is available to purchase online for $20 USD. Link, Link

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