Foreign Japanese Sweets

14 Dec Foreign Japanese Sweets

Foreign Japanese Sweets by Swedish-based industrial designer from Japan, Moé Takemura offers a beginner’s guide cookbook on how to recreate traditional Japanese sweets using ingredients found in western countries. Written in Japanese and English, the book provides step-by-step recipes displaying ingredients and preparation at each stage. The pages are laid out in black text on beige paper and all photographs are taken by Takemura and displayed from above, with pans and chopping boards arranged at the same angle in each instance, giving the pages a consistent graphic style.

“Our food culture is gradually becoming more multicultural, and everyday people enjoy foods such as hamburgers, pizza, pasta and curry,” said Takemura. “Despite this variety, the coffee/tea break snack is still limited to European desserts like cookies and cakes. Why not step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with some delicious and healthy Japanese sweets?”

The cookbook is a follow-up to Takemura’s Guide to the Foregin Japanese Kitchen, which shows how to prepare Japanese food using locally available ingredients in Sweden. The book is printed and bound using a self-bublishing service by Blurb for $37.89 USD. Link, Link

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