Garden of the World

21 Nov Garden of the World

Garden of the World: Asian Immigrants and the Making of Agriculture in California’s Santa Clara Valley novel by Cecilia M. Tsu explores the history of overlapping waves of Chinese, Japanese and Filipino immigration in the Santa Clara Valley. “Nearly a century before it became known as Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara Valley was world-renowned for something else: the succulent fruits and vegetables grown in its fertile soil. Virtually all farms were owned by whites, but the soil was largely worked by Asian immigrants. In Harvesting the American Dream, Cecilia Tsu tells the overlooked and intertwined histories of the land of the Santa Clara Valley and the Asian immigrants who cultivated it. Weaving together the story of the three overlapping waves of Asian migration from China, Japan, and the Philippines in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Tsu offers a comparative history that sheds light on white and Asian Californians’ understandings of race, gender, and national identity.” Link, Link

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