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Cool, sweet and refreshing. Bubble tea began as a chanced invention by a popular tea shop in Taiwan during the 1980s. With its unique taste and large neon straws, bubble milk tea quickly spread throughout the world and has grown a cult following. Referred to as either boba or pearls, the tapioca balls adds a delicious texture to any drink, from milk teas to coffee, smoothies or shaved ice…




  • mita_hummel
    Mita + Hummel

    Japanese retailer Mita has teamed up with Danish-based footwear brand, Hummel for a limited edition of the Marathona OG sneaker. Taking inspiration from Hummel’s homeland of Denmark, the Marathona OG “Ssmørrebrød” pays homage to the famous Danish open-faced sandwich, the smørrebrød. Featuring a rye and salmon-hued colorway across Marathona OG’s......

  • mcdonalds_merrywinterland
    McDonald’s “Merry Winterland” Menu

    American hamburger fast food giant, McDonald’s has recently launched a limited edition McCafé menu for the Hong Kong market. Under the tagline “Merry Winterland,” the new McCafé menu will be available for the 2016 holiday season and consists of the Snowy Mint Mocha, Reindeer Hot Brownie......


    Italian/South Korean sportswear manufacturer, Fila has teamed up with Japanese retailers BEAMS T & MIN-NANO for a Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Inspired by vintage Fila apparel, the collection includes a range of garments from headwear all the way down to footwear. It will include such items as a......

  • pandaexpress_kawasaki
    Panda Express Opens in Kawasaki

    American Chinese fast food restaurant chain, Panda Express recently opened its first Japanese flagship store in Kawasaki, Japan. With more than 1,900 stores across the world, Panda Express’ move to Japan follows a recent joint venture with Chicara no Moto, which operates the acclaimed Japanese......

  • 2017_oshogatsufestival
    2017 Oshogatsu Family Festival

    Ringing in the New Years and the Year of the Rooster, the 2017 Oshogatsu Family Festival features a full day of fun arts and crafts, games, exciting cultural activities and performances for the entire family. Running January 8, 2017 at the Japanese American National Museum......

  • railroadtigers
    Railroad Tigers

    Directed by Ding Sheng, Railroad Tigers is a feature-length action comedy following a railroad worker in China during 1941 who leads a team of freedom fighters against the Japanese in order to get food for the poor. Railroad worker Ma Yuan (Jacking Chan), “using his......

  • bushwickkitchen_weakkneessriracha
    Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

    The Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha by Brooklyn-based Bushwick Kitchen offers up the ultimate in hot sauces. Called Weak Knees for a reason, the Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha combines the iconic sweet and spicy chili flavors of sriracha with a unique flavor profile of gochujang chili paste.......

  • Atmos + Puma

    Japanese retailer Atmos has teamed up once again with German sportswear manufacturer Puma for a limited edition of the Clyde silhouette. Called the “Three Tides Tattoo,” the collaboration includes designs by renowned Japanese tattoo artist, Hide Ichibay of Three Tides Tattoo, one of the first Western-style......

  • mcdonalds_hellosanrio
    McDonald’s + Sanrio

    American hamburger fast food giant, McDonald’s has collaborated with Sanrio for a limited edition Hello Kitty set as part of the happy meal toy promotion. Available in the United States and Canada, the latest Sanrio collaboration, called Hello Sanrio consists of eight of Sanrio’s most iconic......